HEALTH DANGER from your mattress - protect yourself and your family


Have you ever cleaned your mattress?

All that is in your mattress:
House dust mites, sweat, mould, pollutants, etc. This situation is particularly threatening for allergy sufferers.

The consequences are:
Eczema, inflamed eyes, bronchitis and asthma, sneezing irritation and skin redness.
Our modern cleaning device combines high performance and the best filter system on the market. The effective removal of allergy-causing dust, dirt and mites from mattresses, carpets, furniture and other surfaces ensures cleanliness in your home and is therefore particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies and asthma.
Thanks to the five-stage Swiss MedicleanTM filter system, consisting of Swiss HEPATM filter, multi-layer dust bag, activated carbon filter and HEPA long-term filter with antibacterial effect, we not only clean surfaces, but also the surrounding air.

We offer you a professional mattress cleaning for a healthy sleep. Deep cleaning without chemicals and water with certified cleaning device. Mattress immediately reusable. Duration per mattress approx. 30 minutes. The cleaning takes place at your home.

Would you like to make an appointment? Then we look forward to your call.

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